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Creating a web site is much easier than you think it is if you know the right tools to use! Assuming that you already have a good domain name and hosting account, it is time now to get your web site up. If you want something fast and easy to maintain, you can try using a website builder.

Website builder is a powerful web publishing platform. It lets you make your own website in minutes, then add your own domain name and click publish to share your website with the world.

The website builder tools are good for beginners, because they start with pre-designed templates, and they make it easy to create a page even with no HTML experiences. What are my options?

Why DotEasy?

I often recommend DotEasy because they not only offer a free site builder to customers, but also they offer a year free hosting if you register your domain with them. Their free hosting service is banner free, which means they donít put any ad banner onto your website.

DotEasy also provides a suit of free handy website plug-in web tools. These web tools allow you to insert contact forms, tell-a-friend feature, guest book and even an online photo gallery into your site with a few clicks.

If you are creating a website for the first time and would like to host a mini site or personal website or would simply like to have the professional image of a personalized email, doteasy is right choice.

How do I get this website builder?

Itís easy. After you register your domain name with DotEasy, you will also receive a one year free hosting for your website, and you will get the site builder and plug-in web tools to your hosting account for free.

You can sign up here or read more about DotEasy web tools at:


DoodleKit is another hosting company that provides a free website builder and free hosting to customers.

DoodleKit lets you to use their sub domain names for free. So you donít need to buy a domain name in order to start building a website. Unlike DotEasy, DoodleKit free hosting is ad supported. But if you donít mind the banner, and donít need an independent domain name for your website, DoodleKit is a good choice. You can sign up here. Their bannerless hosting plans start from $14/month.

All-in-One Hosting Option: CityMax

CityMax site builder is also very easy to use, and has the same plugin webtools as the DotEasy site builder provides. The CityMax site builder is famous with its built-in shopping cart feature. So, you can easliy sell your products online and accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. CityMax charges $19.98/month, which includes a domain name and hosting. If you plan to sell products online, CityMax is right choice.

CityMax provide a 10 day free trail for their site builder. You can sign up here or read more about their site builder at:


1. Register a Domain Name    2. Select a Web Host    3. Free Website Builders    4. How to Create a Blog