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Register a Domain Name

There are two basic steps to get your site online and registering a domain name is the first.

Put simply, a domain name is an internet website address that people use to find you or your company. Just as your house or apartment has its own identifying address for the post office. It's the internet address that people type into the browser to go to a specific website.

A domain name can end in .com, .net, .gov, .edu, .org and more. Dotcom and dotnet are the most popular for businesses. Dotgov is for government, dotedu is for schools, and dotorg is usually for non-profit organizations.

How do I get a good domain name?

That's one of the most frequent questions I receive from beginning webmasters. So first, let's focus on choosing the best domain name for your site.

Good domain names are becoming increasingly hard to find today, since so many of them are already taken. Recently some new domain name extensions have been introduced due to most of the good dotcom and dotnet domains are gone. Dotinfo and Dotbiz domains are becoming more popular, and a lot of good names are still available.

When choosing a domain name, you want a domain name to be:

How can I get a domain name for free?

Click here to get a free domain name with DotEasy Web Hosting. They offer free domain name registration for any hosting subscription plans, starting at USD$3.75/mo!