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Getting Started

The most common way to create a web page is to create the page(s) offline, then, upload them to your hosting server via FTP.

If you are running Windows, start Notepad.

If you are on a Mac, start SimpleText.

Type in the following text

<title>Title of page</title>
<meta name="keywords" content="Web Site Keywords">
<meta name="description" content="Web Site Description">

This is my first homepage. <b>This text is bold</b>

Then save the file as "mypage.htm".

Start your Internet browser. Select "Open" (or "Open Page") in the File menu of your browser. A dialog box will appear. Select "Browse" (or "Choose File") and locate the HTML file you just created - "mypage.htm" - select it and click "Open". Now you should see an address in the dialog box, for example "C:\MyDocuments\mypage.htm". Click OK, and the browser will display the page.


Every web page must has a title. Web page title is what will show up on the very top of the browser window, and in the search results of search engines. Let's say that your title is going to be "My First Web Page", then you would type:

<title>My First Web Page</title>

Meta Tags

Meta tags are information inserted into the "head" area of your web pages. Other than the title tag, meta information is also used to communicate information with search engines.

There are two kinds of meta tags:

Getting Started    CSS    Text    Linking    Graphics    Fill-out Forms    Frames    Comments